Market intelligence for real estate players

We have more than 700 companies and organizations in Switzerland and Germany as customers. This includes major banks, institutional investors, universities and public authorities. We are also proud to serve numerous small and micro companies with market intelligence.

FPRE for...

Institutional investors

We advise you independently and evidence based. Use IMBAS for your own analyses and valuations.


Use hedonic models and machine ratings for mortgage lending. Assess credit risks with scientifically based models and use state-of-the-art methods for stress tests.


Impress your customers with comprehensive analyses and expert assessments. Use hedonic models for efficient determination of market values and automated generation of leads.


IMBAS assists you in real estate development. Use IMBAS for your own analyses and valuations.


Create well-founded and professional valuation reports and rely on comprehensive market intelligence. IMBAS supports you with guided processes and market-oriented model proposals.


In IMBAS, market intelligence is available to you at the touch of a button. Impress your clients with transparent market data.

Real estate owners

IMBAS supports you in portfolio management and transactions. Keep an overview and make data-supported real estate decisions.

Governmental authorities

The web application IMBAS supports you in regional and real estate economic questions. Use IMBAS for small-scale and regional monitoring.

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