FPRE for banks

Use hedonic models and machine ratings for mortgage lending. Assess credit risks with scientifically based models and use state-of-the-art methods for stress tests.

State-of-the-Art methods in credit risk management

Optimize your credit risk management with FPRE’s market data and tools.

  • Automated valuation models AVM
  • Cyclical stress testing
  • Scientific methods
  • Integration using our API

Recommended for credit risk management

Hedonic models for private property

Using statistical models, you can measure the influence of individual characteristics on the transaction price.

Macro-location ratings

Assess the location qualities in your mortgage portfolio – automatically and integrated into your business processes.

Micro-location ratings

Check the micro-location qualities of your mortgage portfolio automatically at address level.


Optimize mortgage lending

We offer support in mortgage granting and customer acquisition.

  • Digitalization through API
  • Lead generation
  • Quick valuation
  • Plausibility check of market values
  • Comprehensive valuation

Recommended for mortgage lending


IMBAS supports you in your mortgage business and risk management with independent location data, ratings, and valuation models.

Valuations of private properties

As independent experts, we valuate your single-family home or condominium for you using proven methods.

iFrame quick valuation

Offer potential mortgagees a well-founded property valuation and receive the leads in real time.

Communal checks

Verify market values and monitor local market developments.

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