Communal checks via API

Use comprehensive data for your location analyses. The communal checks offer well visualized information on all topics relevant to the real estate markets - nationwide for all cities, municipalities and zip codes in Germany. Communal checks are available for residential and commercial uses.

Communal housing check

Data and valuations of residential real estate markets for every location in Germany. Demand segments, real estate prices for owner-occupied housing and investment properties, forecasts and much more.

  • Population data
  • Demand segments
  • Income, purchasing power and taxes
  • Phases of life
  • Housing market and real estate
  • Market values and price levels
  • Accessibility and infrastructure
  • Forecasts
  • And much more...

Communal commercial check

Data and valuations of business property markets for every location in Germany. Industry structure, real estate prices for office and retail spaces as well as for commercial real estate, forecasts and much more.

  • Labor market
  • Branch structure
  • Core industries
  • Market values and price levels
  • Market development
  • Forecasts
  • And much more...
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Obtain communal checks for any location in Germany at the touch of a button in the IMBAS application. Or use our API to integrate the communal checks into your ecosystem.

Preis- und Dateienliste

Licensing and examples


The community checks can be ordered individually or obtained from IMBAS. Heavy users benefit from discounts and all-inclusive prices. Single prices per locality/city district (excl. VAT).

Individual prices

Communal housing check EUR 79
Communal commercial check EUR 79
Communal check (housing & commercial) EUR 99