Macro-location ratings

Rely on evidence-based ratings for portfolio decisions. Macro-location ratings offer up-to-date and prospective assessments of investment viability. Ratings are available for four separate uses.

Ratings for four primary uses

The macro-location ratings are calculated nationwide for four property uses.

  • Rental properties
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Industry
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Obtain macro-location ratings for any location in Germany with just one click in the IMBAS application. Or use our API to integrate the ratings into your ecosystem.


Use Smart Data

Ratings are calculated based on a set of indicators which are condensed into sub-ratings for each location under analysis. These are then refined into current and prospective macro-location ratings.

  • Market size
  • Building land reserves
  • Development of the number of households
  • Employment development
  • Social layers
  • Sector structure
  • Tax burden
  • Purchasing power

Macro-location ratings for


Assess the quality of location for the properties in your mortgage portfolio – automatically and integrated into your business processes.


Check the current and prospective viability of a location for your development activities.

Institutional investors

Analyze your real estate portfolio and triage potential acquisition objects using ready-made ratings.


Use market intelligence at the simple push of a button and impress your customers with transparent ratings.

Preis- und Dateienliste

Licensing and examples


The macro-location ratings can be ordered individually or licensed as a package. Heavy users will of course benefit from discounts and all-inclusive prices. Single prices per locality/city district (excl. VAT).

Individual prices

Macro-location ratings one type of use EUR 29
Macro-location ratings two types of use EUR 39
Macro-location ratings three types of use EUR 49
Macro-location ratings four types of use EUR 79


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Test macro-location ratings?

Contact us and test the macro-locations ratings for free. We are happy to advise you on the possible applications in your company.