Location analysis

The location analysis offers data and evaluations for residential and commercial real estate on the macro- and micro-location levels for any site in Germany. By manually selecting the uses (residential, office, retail and industrial), a suitable location analysis can be generated at the touch of a button.

Macro- and micro-location

Use comprehensive data for your location analyses. For the analysis of the macro-location, you have well-visualized information on all topics relevant to the real estate markets at the locality/quarter level for the four main uses. Furthermore, rely on evidence-based ratings. The macro-location ratings provide up-to-date and prospective assessments of investment quality. Intelligently refined geospatial data helps you analyze and assess micro-location.

  • Macro-location text
  • Macro-location ratings
  • Data and evaluations for main uses
  • Market values, market rents, price levels
  • Micro-location text
  • Refined data for micro-location
  • Micro-location ratings
  • Automatically generated maps
  • and much more...
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Generate a customized location analysis for any location in Germany in the IMBAS application. Or use our API to integrate the communal checks into your ecosystem.

Preis- und Dateienliste

Licensing and examples


We offer individual location analyses as well as flat fee licenses for residential and commercial uses. In the case of multiple uses, we offer attractive package prices for a range of quantity quotas.

Individual prices

Location analysis complete 70.-
Location analysis housing 39.-
Location analysis commercial 39.-


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