Location analysis

The location analysis offers data and evaluations for residential and commercial real estate on the macro- and micro-location levels for any site in Germany. By manually selecting the uses (residential, office, retail and industrial), a suitable location analysis can be generated at the touch of a button.

Macro- and micro-location

Use comprehensive data for your location analyses. For the analysis of the macro-location, you have well-visualized information on all topics relevant to the real estate markets at the locality/quarter level for the four main uses. Furthermore, rely on evidence-based ratings. The macro-location ratings provide up-to-date and prospective assessments of investment quality. Intelligently refined geospatial data helps you analyze and assess micro-location.

  • Macro-location text
  • Macro-location ratings
  • Data and evaluations for main uses
  • Market values, market rents, price levels
  • Micro-location text
  • Refined data for micro-location
  • Micro-location ratings
  • Automatically generated maps
  • and much more...
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Generate a customized location analysis for any location in Germany in the IMBAS application. Or use our API to integrate the communal checks into your ecosystem.


Location analysis for


Analyze the macro- and micro-location of a site for your development activities.


Assess the quality of location for the properties in your mortgage portfolio – automatically and integrated into your business processes.

Institutional investors

Examine investment potentials of all four major uses with independent site data.


Get a quick overview of the macro- and micro-location and satisfy your customers with comprehensive analyses and data bases.

Preis- und Dateienliste

Licensing and examples


The location analysis for residential, office, retail and commercial/industrial uses can be ordered individually or licensed on a flat-rate basis. Intensive users will benefit from discounts and flat rates. Individual prices per locality/quarter (excl. VAT).

Individual prices

Location analysis complete 99.-
Location analysis per type of use 39.-


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